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s.g. maldonado-vélez is a Puerto Rican poet who is currently attending the MFA program in Poetry at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Their work can be found in the following publications: The Moon Zine, the monitor, Zoomoozophone Review and the Shade Journal. They know too little and pretend too much.

1 poem by s.g. maldonado-vélez

i cross the holocene with matches in my pocket


not as an act

of violence or

fear but content

with leaving a

trail lit in

amber skin

bare to compare

when we lay in

bed hard not

to notice that

color swatches

taped to the walls

never match exactly

the shirt you call yours

and i call mine even

though it’s been

over a year and

still i walk catching

sparks on the tip

of my fingernails

as storm clouds

over anthills because

i like to think of myself

as benevolent with

a hearty shake of

the earth sign

since the only

way we got


shoes as kids

was by accident

lightning bug

smear on asphalt

a couple clear

seconds of light

that now last

for days in our

palms used to

see each other

yet i miss the waver

lethargy on a

matchstick even

asleep you are

in motion amongst

all this pine

bark at the

shadows it’s


knowing you

never have

to stop

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