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Seth Simons is a writer based in Brooklyn. He has received Fugue Journal's Ronald MacFarland Prize for Poetry and the 2018 New Millennium Award for Poetry. His work has appeared in Rattle, Adroit, Fugue, Conduit, GAZE, McNeese Review, Red Wheelbarrow, and The Breakwater Review. He also writes Humorism, a newsletter about labor, inequality, and extremism in the comedy industry.

1 poem
Seth Simons

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i ate a chandelier today    yesterday i ate a votive candle

    you cannot eat the same light twice    don’t ask why

so many molecules    depend on chaos    for their schemes

    i am trying to tame them    dreadful week    all the zoo

animals escaped    first they ran free    then they formed

    their own society    then they reproduced    the very structures

they overthrew    now it’s war    forgive me    my experiments failed

    i wasn’t smart enough    fast enough    you’d think a century

of dystopian art    would have prepared us    for dystopia     

    this always happens    when i have a new crush

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