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2 poems

by Sofia Banzhaf

Sofia Banzhaf is a writer, actress, and filmmaker whose work appears in The Fanzine, 4 Poets, Cosmonaut’s Avenue, X-R-A-Y, and Bad Nudes, among others. She is the recipient of the Metatron Prize for Rising Authors for her novella Pony Castle. She resides in Toronto.


a star shaped chocolate raspberry

sorbet that tastes like

cough syrup


i fall outside on the curb

because you wanted me to wear heels

and also

because i am drunk


you toss a 100 dollar bill

it lands on the bed softly

and i don't reach for it


at the farmers market the yogurt bro

tells me he likes a woman

with big bills

i hover over the roses -

bright orange, creamy white


i exercise now

because i'm trying to be pure

like a game

i've started punishing myself


i am late to the party

bobby pins

men like to see their messes

on your face

dripping out of you


but they don’t like to see your



throwing away your bobby pins

even though they were your last

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