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2 poems
Sophia Walsh

Sophia Walsh is a poet living in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). Some of her work has appeared in Westerly, Cordite Poetry Review, No More Poetry’s No No No Mag, and elsewhere. Her poem “Hide and Seek” was recently shortlisted for the Judith Wright Poetry Prize.

Slot Machine


making out against

the wall of the

court house and

that lady who said

be careful there’s

cameras there?

i think she knew

what we knew

which is that

we would make out

for a whole three hours

completely revved up

on being sixteen

and lesbians

and in love

with each other.


is so far now

from what it used to be.

getting the bus

to your place after

school getting the

bus to main street

yackandandah your bottle of


absolut vodka

my left eye

stye. watching

the l word together


cheating on tina


cheating on bette


cheating on you


cheating at uno.

you wouldn’t believe

how much i miss you.

i am at the pachinko parlour

i mean

the isa genzken

retrospective at moma. 

the slot machine is


with printed photos

of you.


Westbourne Grove

you are of the same ilk of samuel beckett or maybe he is

of your ilk living in obscurity and all that.

beckett rode his bike so much he was likened to a

centaur flying through

montmartre, and that is you but driving a
range rover classic through

what could i liken you to? a rhinoceros perhaps.

your presence is large and

felt and you scare me.

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