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Sophia Terazawa wrote I AM NOT A WAR (Essay Press). Her work has appeared recently on Entropy, The Wanderer, Cosmonauts Avenue, Poor Claudia, and elsewhere. She's currently pursuing the MFA in Poetry at the University of Arizona. 

2 poems by Sophia Terazawa

Re: Balance


Kabukichō, my

  red-light district

     beckons clutch



  admits J.P.

Morgan’s crunching ¥


for their yakuza

  thus my father

     envies her


     one day he

  shaves his head

then loses half his


finger coming home

  Ah! my mother

     yelps her rage


     takes meat shears

  to her language

books Otousan bought


from Tokyo on their

  honeymoon she

     cuts her tongue


     upon pink

  buds of cherry

blossoms daring him


to find another

  wife more gangster

     than Vietnam





Re: Slather


                 then ugh            we’re spread to chestnut

                    so shoot            I’d rather have it

                too sweet            airtight on this ship

          whizzing            dry-lipped into space

     WAIT who’s            exactly driving

                  here if            ultraviolet

       must glow            in light years, look, there

blooms some            nebulae clustered

    before            our flight path, tell me

      should I            plow us through their stars

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