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Suzanna Derewicz is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. She has recently been published on nationalpo, In/Words Magazine, (parenthetical), untethered, The Quilliad and has poetry forthcoming in the Minola Review. Her debut chapbook Maggie Monologues will be released in Fall 2016 by words(on)pages press. 

1 poem by  Suzanna Derewicz 


i write a lot of poems

abt this bar. i’d never

come here willingly tho

dragged by the wrists

maybe b/w the 3.50 rye

and the tall can special

the words go black.

my future rivals backlit

by polly pocket stages

those greatest minds

of my generation w/

screens for eyes. teeth,

mini pitchers of hair fall

into my prophetic lap.

i agonize abt how many

of them i’ll kno in 10 yrs.

don’t think anyone i had

10 yrs ago still thinks abt

keeping everyone

they ever loved.


my rival spikes iced tea

asks am i a fan of bon jovi

puts me up on instagram

finds my metropass, sips

coffee in a hospital caf

w/ me, says it’ll be ok.

borrows me a kids book

tells me to keep it

takes too many pills when

the house guests leave.

their roommate does me

a tattoo in the living room

on a prayer, the last time

we speak they say –

“i remembr you taller”

covered in arms, i shrink

away from these tables

and poems abt cheap

threats when after all i

still remembr the kindness.

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