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2 poems
Tanya Azari

Tanya Azari is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing (Poetry) at NYU. They have been published in 7x7, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Words Dance, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. Tanya currently lives, writes, and bikes in Los Angeles, where they also teach flying trapeze classes. Their work can be found at

"be picky, be patient"

looking at a man masturbating on the train and thinking about my loneliness. what else is new? let me know if you have any tips on enduring the shame of never having been loved. heard your sabbatical from low self-esteem worked out pretty well. still, retiring from the whole “human condition” thing might be my best choice. do you think a smaller bed frame might make me happy? please write back soon, the third rail has started to hum.

eating goji berries in the walk-in freezer

and i don’t think i will ever love you. so,


don't worry. no more hand on your forearm,

no more diptych of me next to you at the sink.


could’ve sworn we’d be fucking in the single-stall

by the second week. knew where all the cameras were


before your middle name. or your girlfriend’s.

never let myself second-guess that you wanted me


anyway. learned eye contact. thought about you

on the Expo train (when i could have been


writing poetry. a shame). still waiting for you to unhappen

to me. still expecting you to be there when i turn, 


a new bruise on your body and tongue tucked

in your cheek. won’t forget how when you left


you left nothing behind, save me with my heat

pressed against the edge of a Santa Monica sink.

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