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Terry Abrahams lives, writes, and still gets lost in Toronto. His work has been published in Acta Victoriana, BALDHIP, (parenthetical), and The Puritan, among others.

4 poems by Terry Abrahams

introduction to the 2017 almanac

A few things that work for both plants and people and sometimes even with dogs: watering, even when you think you don’t need it. Touching, but gently. Trimming, especially around rough edges. Pulling away old pieces. Being as small as you can be without losing any of your importance. Dropping anything that becomes too heavy. Making an effort to turn toward the sun. Knowing that sometimes a little death is necessary. 



exercise in grieving

stand still
for as long as possible





exercise in loyalty

find out where the river
opens to the ocean




exercise in understanding

you are so small
in this
with me

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