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Theo Thimo is an Albanian American poet based in NYC, currently residing in LA.

3 poems by Theo Thimo

whisking myself back home after movies w friends, high as usual, this time on weed and amphetamines, ofc katie, who i kno likes me bc of how she shows interest and is totally a katie but to push buttons i call katherine, and this neighborhood, i’ll never forget you or last 3 yrs of this whole dumb life

near atlantic ave willie whizzes past on his longboard negating to wave, not even a nod hello but whatever

i kno this might seem v easy to all of u but pls understand it takes everything out of me to do

i have been alive my whole life, and still i exist in a constant struggle over ordinary, everyday tasks

my dear friends, i kno there are many potential things wrong with the person who i have become, i am too quick to connect w anyone who’s similar to or has as great hair as me

i just can’t get over how nice katie is, she makes me feel bad for anyone who dates guys

ugh this damn brain! just tell me what it is you want me to do so badly whatever it is u kno i'll do it

i understand everything about who i am is exactly the way i wanted it to be but if i could change i kno i would

i would change every single thing there is about me




a happy hello from morning gives me happy thoughts before sleep this time of friends who are far but not when we kiss

and now of my roommate's cats who like gifts come w gifts in my room like my friends who are also gifts

also lily who works too hard but i guess makes her happy (and if true
something she could teach me)

today my plans are to wake early enough to nap before 4 or if the weather obliges to my roof or the coffee shop around the corner

where the owner gives me free drinks and where katie stopped to say hi

last week around the time I had just started taking benzos with my shroom water

and tomorrow i won't even shower just wake up in some old jeans so a dirty tank top and I'm off







to my fellow constituents, in light of recent events in which you’re all aware i regret to inform u of who i am

in spite of this great schism in american politics, it is now 3am and i’m high on shrooms hahahaha

i have come unto this earth much like jesus, radiating this shit called who i am and now everybody just seems to love me for no reason

can u believe sometimes i don’t even kno how to put things in my pockets? but just look at me now i’m killin it!

i feel v much in a haze lol

art is so beautiful when it comes out effortlessly like breathing

i kno it's sad to think about but this poem will be the proof that i was once born and will one day die

this sky, sigh, no poem could do it justice

oh moon, u big old rock, i’m so curious what it is ur trying to do up there

it is so temporary and nice being alive, and omg u guys, first kisses are the best, they’re everything to me, i kno if i were to try i could make anyone be the first

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