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1 poem

by Trinity Ridout

Trinity Ridout is a young writer and musician. She attends City Honors High School, the Just Buffalo Writing Center, and Community Music School. Her work is often inspired by her strong feelings toward environmental activism, and focuses on interpersonal parallels and the relationship between humanity and nature.

Abdication By Earthquake


the clock ticks slower for her

blood rain, and the heaven fog

she’s mine through nightmares


imagine lava creeping towards

uncertainty from underwater women

mouse squints when she whispers woods

old magic, itching to make wind


it’ll scorch arms that taste like apples

it’ll open your fears into static

it’s a mystery stitched inside the sleeve

of baby blue church bell chimes


light the sirens red hot and see

into more powerful footprints,

piercing the rushing streams again.

you found abdication by earthquake


suspense drops when the blossoms fall

cool waters stretch far into open arteries

blackboard littered with sharp crystals and quartz

thorns like teeth stitched the sky

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