Vincent Cervone is an English teacher in Western New York. He is a co-founder and editor of the Buffalo-based literary magazine, steel bellow. He is also a co-founder of and frequent contributor to the TV and film review website

2 poems by Vincent Cervone

we reach the hills    
in Camden and there    
is fog  

pine trees emerge    
from the soggy grey
              but the fog never lifts
              just occasionally gives way
              to slivers of green

several towns poke out
over the mist
each one containing a coffee shop

a looming sense
the sun would emerge
show the wildlife there were
cleaner puddles    
to splash in    




and the phone rings
       somebody somewhere wants
to talk
maybe not

I’ve been told in the past
to “go with the flow”
but I’m not sure
I want to

it doesn’t really seem to be working
for anyone else


whenever I’m driving
and somebody beeps at me
I think about the kind of person
they probably are
and move on


whenever someone tries
to teach me a lesson
I ignore them
             but later in life,    
I ironically learn the same lesson
through experience

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