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Will LaPorte

Will LaPorte is a musician and writer based in Kingston, NY. They have previously been featured in the experimental lit mag Pretty Cool Poetry Thing, and is in arguably too many bands. Will can be found on Twitter @walaprat or Instagram @ghostdownphoto. 

I don't care if you do drugs

a donut shop

a nice middle aged man

and that glazed look I’ve heard

some come back with

but never discuss

what do your tattoos mean

strong arms also covered

up and down

everyone in town says he helped

with the troop withdrawal

high ranking in service

this place has great reviews

and asks about our band

my sister dated the guy from Tool

I don’t care if you do drugs

I don’t care if you do drugs

and says it a third time

I don’t care if you do drugs

he tells me Guy from Tool

had a tab of acid on his tongue at dinner

plays his sister’s music

it’s progressive metal

I see how she dated Guy from Tool

tells my band to link up

hands me his donut card

what did you do before doing donuts

here’s your iced chai

that’s the americano

here’s my cinnamon sugar

tell me when she’s in town

you could do great things together

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