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Woogee Bae is currently a master’s candidate in the University at Buffalo’s Innovative Writing program. Aside from writing poetry, she enjoys black coffee and other people’s dogs.

1 poem by Woogee Bae


You do not communicate
“The weather is nice today”

this is the correct way this is how    this is the truth this is because

mother covers her mouth to hide her teeth and her tongue

          (twist)          lodge in the back of her throat
                                                        blood and all.

                      not knowing/    more.                You are

Will you please stand up
place your hand over heart affectionately
          unlike the time                             ?

You do not have
Before it is taken

Yet you have what you’ve had
In this way

mother’s hands are tied.





                                           You say

                                           You do not communicate

                                           Your hear mother’s mouth

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