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1 poem

by Youngseo Lee

Youngseo Lee is eighteen, taking a gap year, and just vibing. She is newly based in Virginia, though she is from Seoul and Arizona. A 2020 National YoungArts Finalist in Creative Nonfiction and cat lady with no cats of her own, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Entropy, Emory Lullwater Review, Hominum Journal, and more.

gimme love: for my class of 2020

after andrew kim / after joji / and in style, kind of after franny choi’s turing test series

// what’s your name

the manic pixie dream sidekick is every orbit of a cliché.

in the cross section of moonbeam + palm is a mourned

punked tire instead of love, hence the self-failed kick of a miracle looping

itself in spider rope. look: once materialized i am fleetingly pellucid

                + baringly gone. gimme gimme love gimme gimme  

rocking chair soul + ropeburn of choice. to stay, to enter—

i’ve chewed my thumb raw into licorice waiting for crystallization


// and how long have you been here

gone; now; miracles bestowed upon calculators chafe for

desublimination. friction is what is lost. when i’m gone have i

                been here? i’ve lived for myself and bitten cheek watching

grace, leap, descent, fall, hurl, sinkage, arms stretching from

cliché’s pits. we’ve dropped too many stars to orbit. + yet,


// and how have you liked it?


i am not only merely like a spaceship but am one scorching + we

                are so close to gratitude. exit velocity at our

irreplaceable us, chalk dust dewing in our lungs + gravity universal

                , watch miracle blink into another cliché. finally

i cough heat when we plummet, you say: isn’t it a miracle we’ve

                been brought together isn’t it a miracle we’ve

tolerated each other isn’t it a miracle we’ve managed to resemble

                love isn’t it a miracle how when you say it out loud

you sound like every other other. like we haven’t given up together—


how have i liked it?




like letting go would burn the fall.

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