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Bittersweet Goodbyes to Peach Editors Bre Kiblin and C. C. Camuglia

It is with mixed feelings that we must announce that our beloved teammates Bre Kiblin and C. C. Camuglia are moving on from their positions at Peach. While we're sad to see them go, we're thrilled about the projects and careers they will be focusing on next. We are so grateful for everything Bre and Chux contributed to this special project during their time as editors, and take comfort knowing that they will always be part of our greater community.

Bre, one of our three founding editors, has served in many roles since our launch in 2016: first as digital editor, then as managing editor, and finally as youth director. In her roles as digital editor and managing editor, she helped develop the behind-the-scenes logistics to get Peach's many projects off the ground. Ever a Virgo, she brought her impeccable attention to detail and hardy work ethic to a variety of responsibilities, from formatting hundreds of web features for our journal to responding to (literally) thousands of submissions over the course of her tenure. Later, serving as youth director when Peach was entering its third season, she brought her interest in working with teenagers and passion for empowering them with the skills and resources needed to build their own communities to launch the Peach Seed Apprenticeship for Emerging Editors.

Bre has always balanced working on Peach with her day job as a teacher. She recently graduated from Buffalo State College with her master's of science in education, focusing on students with disabilities in grades 7 to 12. We couldn't be more proud of her as she embarks on this next stage of her career.

In her own words:

When Rachelle, Matthew, and I were throwing around the idea of creating a literary magazine, we had no idea what Peach Mag would become and how much it would mean to us. Peach was—and always will be—a way for me and anyone who takes an interest in writing to belong to a quirky, like-minded family of poets, writers, and readers. Although I have stepped away from my role, I will always be the biggest supporter of Peach, our team, and our literary community. I have nothing but wonderful memories of every piece we published, event we hosted, and person I met through Peach. Peach Mag Forever.

Chux has been part of Team Peach since our third season. Originally a Season 2 contributor when we published their photo series at our website and in our Season 2 Yearbook, we later invited them to serve as our first-ever visual arts editor when we realized that there was an unexplored opportunity to connect our literary community with emerging visual artists. With them leading the initiative, we launched the First Friday spotlight in our online journal, in which a visual art feature is highlighted every month. We drew inspiration from First Friday in Buffalo, a day when most art galleries and museums offer free or discounted admission. In the two years since, they have published dozens of visual artists from all over the country and many parts of the world—from painters and illustrators to photographers, collage artists, and more.

Chux is stepping away from their role to focus on Themselves Press, a "WOC-run zine machine for those with big ideas and limited resources." For years, Chux has produced various visual art zines and print projects under their personal moniker Casual Science, and we're going to love watching them channel their curatorial and community-building interests into this new imprint.

It's been the absolute realest working with you, Bre and Chux! Thank you for everything. Your energies and insights will be greatly missed.



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