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Peach Bites: Lit Vids on Instagram and Twitter

Peach Mag is hyped to officially announce that Peach Bites, our new video program that supplements the work featured at our online journal and lives primarily on our Instagram story, is now in full swing! Bites are short, occasional videos of our featured writers sharing their work, with a creative twist: The video, shot and directed by the writer, can be anything they come up with, from late-night reading directly into a webcam to a short film that would bring the house down at Sundance. We love hearing our featured writers read their work at our Episodes in Buffalo, and Bites are an exciting way to bring their voice and creative energy directly to your screen, wherever in the world you may be.

If you’ve seen our Instagram story or Twitter feed in the last month, you may have already seen three Peach Bites! Our very first Bite was Gala Mukomolova reading her gorgeous poem “Tennesee, I’m thinking about free falling,” which was longlisted for the 2019 Peach Gold in Poetry.

Next, Sarah Sgro’s video-poem for “filth is not a metaphor” took us from the car wash to the flower-filled trash can to the waterfront and back again.

Most recently, we shared a short film titled “BASS PRO SHOP by Chet Weise" by author Chet Weise, Nashville-based filmmaker Doug Leghmann, and fashion designer Poni Silver.

Bites live first on our Instagram story on Tuesdays and Fridays, where they bring a new, creative energy into the autoplay of cat videos, promoted posts, and meme screenshots. The next day, we add them to the BITES archive under our Instagram highlights and post the Bite directly to our Twitter timeline.

Because Bites are completely optional for our writers, they will only occasionally appear to supplement the work at our online journal. Instructions to submit Bites will be sent to contributors of all accepted work going forward, and will work best for shorter poems and flash-length prose. The writing itself always comes first, but we find Bites to be a cool way to provide a new venue to share our contributors’ voices. We hope you think so, too.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for future Bites.

Go ahead—take a bite!



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