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Statement Regarding Financial Support of TIME'S UP

Last week we learned that earlier this year the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that Peach has financially supported through donations from sales of our anthology With You: Withdrawn Poetry of the #MeToo Movement, declined to assist a woman, Tara Reade, seeking guidance and legal representation in relation to allegations of sexual harassment that she has brought against presidential candidate Joe Biden. In explaining their decision, TIME'S UP claimed that their involvement in a case against a candidate for federal office could jeopardize the organization's nonprofit status.

After weighing the statements from both TIME'S UP and multiple independent tax law experts, we have determined that the organization's claim is suspect, and that its decision not to assist Reade requires immediate clarification. We have decided that to continue Peach's relationship with TIME'S UP would not be appropriate or aligned with our values and the values of our community. At this point, Peach will not collect additional funds for TIME'S UP, and we will be emailing the organization to explain our decision.

To date, the Peach community has raised $750 for TIME'S UP. The organization's mission—which is to '"[help] workers connect with lawyers and bring cases of workplace sexual harassment and related retaliation—regardless of industry, rank or role"—has translated into real and critical assistance for people in need, including financially supporting 174 individuals bringing legal claims of workplace harassment and related retaliation and over 73 individuals who required media relations assistance because their claims brought them into the public spotlight. Because of this, we are confident that our community's previous financial support of TIME'S UP has indeed helped victims faced with pressing needs and challenges. We are equally confident, however, that we cannot continue this support given the organization's response to Reade's request and its lack of transparency in communicating with Reade and with the public on the issue.

As we only have a few copies of With You remaining, we will sell the books at the cost of production at $3 per copy until we run out. We will continue to do what we can to help survivors of assault and abuse, and we remain grateful to the writers who originally helped us do this by trusting us with their work and allowing us to publish it in With You.

For questions or concerns, reach out to Rachelle at


Rachelle Toarmino

Editor in Chief, Peach Mag

Editor, With You: Withdrawn Poetry of the #MeToo Movement

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