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Peach Welcomes Three New Editors: Aeon Ginsberg, Kelly Xio, and Sennah Yee

We are so totally psyched to announce that Aeon Ginsberg, Kelly Xio, and Sennah Yee have joined our team as poetry editors.

Aeon Ginsberg is a trans feminine agender writer from Baltimore, MD. They are the author of two chapbooks and have work in a number of journals, most notably Anomaly, BOATT, and The Shallow Ends. Our initial exposure to Aeon's poetry was during Season 2 of Peach Mag when we published "Self Portrait as Waluigi" and "POEM IN WHICH I TRANSITION INTO WATER," first as a web feature and later in print alongside new work in Peach Mag: Season 2 Yearbook. Earlier this year, Aeon was awarded the Peach Bronze in Poetry by guest judge Dorothea Lasky for "Intramuscular Cyborg #1," a poem that Dorothea called "truly magical" and "so exquisite." The poem will have a forever-home in Peach Mag: Season 3 Yearbook.

Kelly Xio is a poet, plant parent, and Emily Dickinson with WiFi based in Baltimore, MD. Their work has appeared in Cosmonauts Avenue and Shabby Doll House, and in 2016, they were named Baltimore's Best Poet by Baltimore City Paper. They are the cofounder and cohost of the free, monthly performance series Tender FM. Last year, Kelly was selected by Morgan Parker as the winner of our inaugural Peach Gold in Poetry award for "Saint Ann's," a poem Morgan described as "full, exciting, vernacular, exploratory, meandering, and strange" and which later appeared alongside new work in our Season 2 Yearbook. Kelly has never broken a bone and absolutely nails "Hole" at Karaoke.

Sennah Yee is from Toronto, where she writes poetry, prose, and film criticism. She is the author of the poetry/nonfiction collection How Do I Look? (Metatron Press, 2017) and the children’s book My Day with Gong Gong (Annick Press, 2021). She is the arts editor at Shameless, a magazine for young women and trans youth. Her master's thesis in Cinema & Media Studies focused on gendered robot design in mainstream media and technology, and she occasionally produces and production-designs films. We originally met Sennah in 2017 when she read at the Toronto stop of our epic Peach Goth Tour. We later published three of her poems — "THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (2001)," "REAR WINDOW (1954)," and "FLOWER CROWN SNAPCHAT FILTER" — during Season 2, which appeared alongside new work in our Season 2 Yearbook. Last December, Sennah joined us in Buffalo as a visiting reader for our annual collaborative reading and holiday party, which, for Season 3's installment, was the New Year's Eve masquerade s03e02: Hidden Faces, co-presented with Foundlings Press.

Welcome, Aeon, Kelly, and Sennah!



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